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Stephanie Elliott Photography

Stephanie Kursar
Stephanie Elliott Photography
Stamford, CT

As a lifestyle portrait photographer, I love capturing the most natural emotions and expressions of my clients. Photographing families, children, and pregnant mommas became my passion after starting a family of my own. I realized how important it is to document all of the amazing moments that pass by too quickly! This session was a labor of love, we so very much wanted a very wintery, snowy session but our very unpredictable winter made scheduling challenging to say the least! This momma and her babe were such troopers posing on this very cold and windy day while still managing to look insanely gorgeous! We also snuck this shoot in just a day before temps quickly rose and melted every last bit of snow away!

Jenmaternity-9 Jenmaternity-14 Jenmaternity-29_1-2 Jenmaternity-30_2 Jenmaternity-34_1-2 Jenmaternity-36_1 Jenmaternity-42_1 Jenmaternity-43_1 Jenmaternity-49_1 Jenmaternity-51_1 Jenmaternity-54_1-1 Jenmaternity-56 Jenmaternity-57 Jenmaternity-59_1 Jenmaternity-61 Jenmaternity-65 Jenmaternity-67 Jenmaternity-69 Jenmaternity-71 Jenmaternity-72_1 Jenmaternity-75 Jenmaternity-76 Jenmaternity-82-1 Jenmaternity-83 Jenmaternity-84

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