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Stephanie Bryan | Raleigh, North Carolina

Stephanie Bryan
Stephanie Bryan Photography
Raleigh, North Carolina

Bringing a new baby into a family of three can be terrifying. There is so much you are unsure of and it’s hard to wrap your finger around just how very different life will soon become. You wonder as a mother how you heart can grow any bigger, but oh mama, it sure does. For this sweet family, life as they know it would soon change so very much. I love that they really chose to capture their moments as a family of three before bringing a new baby home, and opting to do an in-home session made it all that much sweeter. There’s no day or time in your life too ordinary to be recorded and savored.

Stephanie Bryan is a film photographer based out of Raleigh, NC who specializes in lifestyle family  and newborn photography. She loves to capture those real and raw moments of the everyday, especially those between a mother and her children and is drawn to beautiful light and fun pops of  color.

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