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Spotted:Stills Photography

Jenn Pacurar
Spotted:Stills Photography
Portland, OR

When you mix a sunset, a gorgeous girl, and laughter together, you achieve pure bliss. And this is what happened when my sister in law, Stephanie, wanted to take photos for her birthday. We caught the sun right as it was going down and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing through my lens! Stephanie moved with such grace and beauty that I was trying hard not to stare at the back of my camera too much after each photo! Stephanie just graduated with her Bachelor’s degree and took a vacation to Australia for a few weeks! She brought back these adorable shoes, which paired perfectly with her outfit choice! She loved every single still!

I choose to shot only natural light photos. I love everything from juicy light inside the studio to beautiful sunsets outsides. My main goal is to capture you in a way that I see you – beautiful and full of life.


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