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Spotted:Stills Photography

Jenn Pacurar
Spotted:Stills Photography
Portland, OR

I am a natural light photographer specializing in portraits, boudoir, and love sessions. This new year I want to challenge myself to go above and beyond what I have done and really strive to get that perfect still that makes me fall in love over and over again with my photos. I am lucky enough to have a great network of friends who love having their photos taken. We aimed to catch the sunset and I could have not been more overjoyed by what we found! The winter sky was beyond gorgeous! While I was snapping away, poor Cecily was freezing, but she was a trooper and we captured beautiful stills! We took a few by the trees as well, to give her session some variety. I hope to be able to catch more pretty skylines during the winter!

SpottedStillsPhotography1 SpottedStillsPhotography02 SpottedStillsPhotography03 SpottedStillsPhotography04 SpottedStillsPhotography05 SpottedStillsPhotography06 SpottedStillsPhotography07 SpottedStillsPhotography08 SpottedStillsPhotography09 SpottedStillsPhotography010 SpottedStillsPhotography011 SpottedStillsPhotography012 SpottedStillsPhotography013 SpottedStillsPhotography014 SpottedStillsPhotography015 SpottedStillsPhotography016 SpottedStillsPhotography017 SpottedStillsPhotography018 SpottedStillsPhotography019 SpottedStillsPhotography020 SpottedStillsPhotography021 SpottedStillsPhotography022 SpottedStillsPhotography023 SpottedStillsPhotography024 SpottedStillsPhotography025 SpottedStillsPhotography026 SpottedStillsPhotography027 SpottedStillsPhotography028 SpottedStillsPhotography029 SpottedStillsPhotography030 SpottedStillsPhotography031 SpottedStillsPhotography032 SpottedStillsPhotography033 SpottedStillsPhotography034 SpottedStillsPhotography035

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