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Southern Charm Photography

Katelyn Mizell
Southern Charm Photography
The Brazos Valley-Texas

My name is Katelyn Mizell and I have been a photographer for seven years. I specialize in weddings and stylized shoots, but have recently discovered a love for doing children’s shoots. There is nothing I love more when it comes to photography than taking an idea and turing it into some elaborate, or simple if the idea calls for it, setup that will make you sit back and go “WOW.”

George Bernard Shaw once said, “Some men look at the way things are and say ‘Why?’; I look at the way things could be and say “Why Not?” I want to take my photos and ask the same question.

This session is based around one of my favorite childhood stories, Peter Pan! I wanted to take a little girl and create the perfect Wendy that decided to stay and turns into the perfect “Lost Boy” or girl in this case! That’s why I created the “Wendy Bed” that looks as if it just rose up out of the ground!

I loved this quote for Wendy, because it completely encompassed both sides of her story: “Wendy, Wendy, when you are sleeping in your silly bed you might be flying about with me saying funny things to the stars.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

So Wendy Darling loves her little home, but also loves the wild and amazing adventures that the Lost Boys get to have, which is why she loves to dress up and follow along with them! Which is why I let her go wild and free with her “Lost Boy” look! It was a blast getting to do this shoot and I could not have asked for a more perfect model. She was a doll, even in the extreme Texas heat!

wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0007 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0015 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0016 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0023 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0025 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0037 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0040 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0052 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0059 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0073 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0092 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0096 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0112 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0124 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0167 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0177 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0206 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0209 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0224 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0230 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0237 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0240 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0241 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0245 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0251 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0254 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0269 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0281 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0286 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0301 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0315 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0335 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0350 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0356 wendydarlingSOUTHERNCHARM_0376

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