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Sonja Hammad Photography

Sonja Hammad
Sonja Hammad Photography
Orange County, California

While I’m very new to the business of photography, I’ve loved taking pictures for as long as I can remember. My real passion lies with photographing women and senior girls, and I am on cloud 9 when I capture beautiful images of my own littles. I believe everyone has a story, and I want to capture a small glimpse of that story with my lens. I also believe every woman wants to feel unique and beautiful, and it’s such fun seeing someone get all made up and then working with them to show them at their very best. I loved this session a lot. I think I’ve asked every woman I’ve photographed if she owns a big puffy skirt, and when I asked this client, she went out and bought one. Every girl — whether she’s 8 or 38 — should have a photo session in a big beautiful tulle skirt. It’s simply too much fun not to do, and after having done this session, I’ve fallen in love with the look. I hope there is going to be lots more tulle in my future.

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