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Smitten Imagery

Brittney Zambrowicz
Smitten Imagery
The Woodlands, TX

Looking down, I saw my pants were dusted with debris from the granola bar I devoured on my way to the shoot. Earlier, I was tackling my inbox, creating welcome packets, and mailing products, hoping to be as productive as possible before heading out with my camera for some personal work.

I had arrived at our shoot location, a quiet field near where I live. As the wind gently brushed the bottom of my model’s gown, I took a breath and enjoyed the calm while my mental to-do list faded. Smiling, I picked up my camera, the fallen granola bits a mere memory of previous tension.

This shoot is why I continue to love personal work, one of the best ways to unwind and evolve as a photographer.
Styling: Crystal Cook of Glamazon Makeup

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