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Simply Suzy Photography

Suzy Holman
Simply Suzy Photography
Salt Lake City, Utah

She only has one shoe, her nose is runny, his shirt is wrinkled, and the photos are as grainy as freezer burnt ice cream. That doesn’t make these any less precious in my eyes; actually maybe that is what makes them so precious. These are my lovelies: the reason I decided six months ago to launch my photography business. After being a hobbyist for many years, Lucy (the little one in the pictures) came along and I dropped to working part time as a nurse and suddenly had more time on my hands to chase my photography dream. Since I opened up shop it has been a dream. A whirlwind, crazy, stressful, amazing, more than I could have ever hoped for dream. I hope you enjoy these photos of a beautiful baby, a  handsome daddy, and the stunning Utah mountains.

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