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Shantal Marie Photography

Shantal Hetlinger
Shantal Marie Photography
Victoria, BC, Canada

Hey all, I’m Shantal! I am a lifestyle portrait photographer based on the beautiful west coast of Victoria, BC. My main love in life is God. All I do in life comes from Him and it is because of Him that I have such a passion for taking pictures and capturing the essence and beauty of each lovely soul that lands in front of my camera.

This shoot was very much unplanned (I have to admit, I love spontaneous shoots!). I had a university student shadowing me at the time and my original session had fallen through very last minute. Long story short, my student called up a
friend who was more than willing to come and model for us! Being on the west coast can prove to be a bit challenging at times, as it rains a lot. This day was no exception. It was pouring rain and extremely windy. So we decided to head into a quaint little soda shop and spend the afternoon there, drinking classic root beer and cream soda, and happily snapping away. I loved the atmosphere the soda shop offered and Amanda was such a gem to work with, with her engaging smile and pleasant disposition. The day turned out to be more than rad and we even managed to sneak outside for 10 minutes while the rain took a wee little break.

SMP_Amanda01 SMP_Amanda02 SMP_Amanda03 SMP_Amanda04 SMP_Amanda05 SMP_Amanda06 SMP_Amanda07 SMP_Amanda08 SMP_Amanda09 SMP_Amanda10 SMP_Amanda11 SMP_Amanda12 SMP_Amanda13 SMP_Amanda14 SMP_Amanda15 SMP_Amanda17 SMP_Amanda18 SMP_Amanda19 SMP_Amanda20 SMP_Amanda21 SMP_Amanda22 SMP_Amanda23 SMP_Amanda24 SMP_Amanda25 SMP_Amanda26

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