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Shabby Jack Photography

Tracy Hopkins
Shabby Jack Photography
The Woodlands, Texas

I retired as an accountant when my husband and I learned we were having triplets and turned to freelance digital retouching.  I had planned to start a photography business, but that went on hold when we learned again we were expecting another baby.  Finally, in the fall of 2011, I created a website and ventured out as a working photographer naming the business after my children, J-A-C-K (the 1st letters in my kids names) and Shabby (worn out from being over loved).  It has been a whirlwind of a learning experience ever since, but I love every minute!

This session was a shoot I did just for fun.  It’s actually part of a series representing the seasons.  I’ve completed Summer, Winter, and this session is Spring.  I hope to add Fall to the series in the next few months.  I am strictly a portrait photographer, but will shoot anything from newborns to seniors to corporate head shots, but absolutely love photographing seniors, especially when we can collaborate on a highly stylized session.  Many thanks to Jenny, one of my senior clients, for coming back to model for this session.

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