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Sarah Wolfe Photography

Sarah Wolfe
Sarah Wolfe Photography
Allyn, Washington

Jace and Josie~

My name is Sarah Wolfe and I am a natural light photographer based in Washington state. I’ve taken the winter off from client sessions and I’m striving to grow and have fun as a photographer by taking this time for personal, creative shoots. I got the idea for this shoot while shopping with my little boy. He is a clown and makes me laugh more times than I can count in a day. One look at him in these huge, black glasses and I knew I had to do a “nerdy, geek” shoot with him and the perfect little girl companion. Josie attended preschool with my little boy and lives right down the road from us. I’ve had a couple of family sessions with Josie and adore her. She is sweet spirited and soft spoken, she also has a pet pig that I couldn’t help, but include in our shoot!  My son loves her and I knew he could help bring out her inner goof ball. I wanted this shoot to be fun, not only for the kids (and pig), but for me as well. We are lucky enough to live down the road from a gorgeous bay and I do a lot of shoots there because I feel happy by the water.  I think that translates through my photos. I got Jace dressed in his outfit, brought him down to the bay and snapped a couple pictures as he anxiously awaited the arrival of Josie and her pet pig “Mac”. This was such a fun shoot, I laughed, the kids laughed and I am in love with the photos. I feel they captured the essence of my five year old and how silly he is right now. I hope he never takes himself too seriously, he infuses my life with laughter.

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