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Sarah Wolfe Photography

Sarah Wolfe
Sarah Wolfe Photography
Allyn, WA

Every year I take a break from client sessions for the winter.  During my winter break, I push myself to grow creatively and try to capture the images I dream of.  I am blessed with some wonderful friends that willingly act as muses for me. The summer is gracefully ebbing into fall here in Washington state, and this year I will be having a baby over my winter break.  My thoughts and dreams all focus on motherhood these days as my belly grows, and I feel the gentle kicks and nudges from my own baby boy. I have spent a lot of time with my friend Sheri and her baby Kellan over the past six months. I know childhood and especially the first few years pass by quickly, so I try to document my friend with her children whenever possible. The day I took pictures of Sheri and her boys on the beach was warm like summer, but the sky had roared with thunder all afternoon. We were lucky to be granted with an hour of dry, quiet weather during our time on the beach together. It was as if the storm clouds looked down and smiled upon the sweet scene of a mother with her children.  It felt magical.   When I look at these images, I am so grateful we took them.


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