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Sarah Tacoma Photography

Sarah Tacoma
Sarah Tacoma Photography
Kimberley, Ontario Canada

This ‘Day in the Life’ family photography session was shot in Collingwood, Ontario at the home of an designer/blogger and her artist husband. They have a beautiful couple acres of apple orchards and a house they designed and renovated on their own. I spend six hours with this family, following them around and documenting their daily activities from mid-afternoon to bedtime. I have personally worked as a fine artist and a photographer for well over 10 years, at first wedding photography funded my artwork but the artwork took over and I stepped away from weddings. Since having 3 children and moving the country I’ve begun exploring family photography in new way. This past year I’ve been slowly rebuilding my photography business and have rebranded as a family photographer.

SarahTacoma001 SarahTacoma002 SarahTacoma003 SarahTacoma004 SarahTacoma005 SarahTacoma006 SarahTacoma007 SarahTacoma008 SarahTacoma009 SarahTacoma010 SarahTacoma011 SarahTacoma012 SarahTacoma013 SarahTacoma014 SarahTacoma015 SarahTacoma016 SarahTacoma017 SarahTacoma018 SarahTacoma019 SarahTacoma020 SarahTacoma021 SarahTacoma022 SarahTacoma023 SarahTacoma024 SarahTacoma025 SarahTacoma026 SarahTacoma027


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