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Sarah Channon Photography | Waco, Texas

Sarah Channon
Sarah Channon Photography

This session was planned to really get my creative juices flowing! I feel like every artist needs to shoot for fun every once in a while and get inspired! I met Hannah in Waco at a launch party for a magazine that we were both in! I adored her work so much, as she is a film photographer as well, and introduced myself to her and told her I would love to work with her one day! Soon after that we shot a wedding together and ever since then, she has been a sweet friend! I asked her and her hubby if they would mind modeling for me! We just went up the road from my house where I found a sweet little spot to shoot. In the middle of winter… you would never guess by the colors and a little bit of sun helped us out! It was such a sweet a simple session and it really fed my creative soul! Film is like no other and it captures the light in such a beautiful way.

Hi! My name is Sarah Channon and I am the founder of Sarah Channon Photography! I am a hybrid photographer based in Waco, Texas and photography is my passion. I love capturing the light both in the images and in the people I capture. I always strive to “Be The Light” and I want my work to reflect that. I want to make an everlasting impact on my clients life and really truly connect with them! I want them to go through this precious time and enjoy it all! I love documenting timeless and classic memories that you will hold close to your heart, forever. My style is soft, romantic and classical, resulting in precious memories that will be kept for a lifetime and hopefully passed on generation to generation.

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