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Sara-Lane Baskin Photography

Sara-Lane Baskin
Sara-Lane Baskin Photography
Nashville, TN

My name is Sara-Lane Baskin. I’m a photographer and designer living in Nashville, TN. I recently had the opportunity to do an engagement shoot with friends Loren and Ryan in Memphis, TN. I knew we were going to capture some amazing moments AND have a blast when Ryan started out with, “So we have this location in mind, but it’s a little tough to get to… If you don’t feel comfortable…” I really love it when my clients want to do whatever it takes to get the shot they have in their heads. It inspires me and makes me feel like less of a crazy person asking these things of them myself (the uncomfortable task he warned me of was climbing flights & flights of exposed, dilapidated staircases in an abandoned building to shoot on the rooftop; good thing I’m not afraid of heights!)! If you can’t tell, these two are all smiles and laughs when they’re together! The mood all morning (even at the crack of dawn) was light-hearted and laid-back, and they are both such joys to be around! I truly had an incredible time with them and can’t wait to shoot their wedding this spring.

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