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Sami Jo Photography

Sami Jo Shurtleff
Sami Jo Photography
Logan, UT (dirt road by my house)

My photography is all about emotion and light. With this shoot I wanted to portray summer fading into fall. I also wanted my model to wear something she felt like herself in, something simple and natural. My MUA did an amazing job on her makeup, giving her a soft and natural look. I always believe that less is more. I love the look of the florals. Free and wild!
Vendors: Celise Artistry
Florals: Sego Floral

IMG_6358EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6372EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6385EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6402EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6417EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6418EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6426EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6432EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6435EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6443EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6447EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6462EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6465EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6471EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6489EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6492EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6508EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6517EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6521EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6536EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6541EXTENSIONsamijophoto IMG_6544EXTENSIONsamijophoto

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