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Samantha Short Photography

Samantha Short
Samantha Short Photography
Lebanon, OR

I believe in making my clients feel beautiful. I tell my seniors to go all out. Be a model for a day! Have fun and be YOU! Braiden is one of my senior representatives and we had a blast at the beautiful Oregon Coast in Newport. She is a natural and made my job a breeze!

IMG_8436-Edit IMG_8444-Edit IMG_8457-Edit IMG_8488-Edit IMG_8510-Edit IMG_8515-Edit IMG_8550-Edit IMG_8555-Edit IMG_8581-Edit IMG_8586-Edit IMG_8633-Edit IMG_8653-Edit IMG_8682-Edit IMG_8692-Edit IMG_8695-Edit IMG_8698-Edit IMG_8703-Edit IMG_8732-Edit IMG_8746-Edit IMG_8785-Edit

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