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Rosencrown Photography

Amy Oligschlaeger
Rosencrown Photography
Portland, OR

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m a wedding and portrait photographer from Portland, Oregon. I have a love for story-telling and after five years of loving the art, I finally decided to take an exciting and scary leap into starting my own business earlier this year. I don’t think it’s quite hit me yet that I have “business owner” attached to my name! What inspires me most? I guess that would be natural light and all things lovely! I especially love getting women in front of my camera. As someone who has struggled with beauty all my life, I know that every woman battles seeing the beauty in herself as easily as those on the outside do. I love being able to use this art to bring confidence to the women on the other side of my lens

For this shoot, I grabbed a friend and headed down to the banks of a local river for a little inspiration shoot of my own. As autumn began to set in, I couldn’t resist the transitional light and the warm earth tones. I walked away from this shoot feeling inspired with a few ideas to try and plan while fall is still here. And, being that this is Oregon, definitely before the rainy season sets in!

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