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Rosencrown Photography

Amy Oligschlaeger
Rosencrown Photography
Portland, OR

Hi! My name is Amy and I am a natural light photographer. This session actually took place late last summer, just as we were transitioning into fall. The warm light was a perfect fit for Kylie’s adorable blush pink dress and everything came together perfectly. As an Oregonian, I’ve been conditioned to love the rain. But, I must admit that I am very ready for spring and summer to arrive. I’m getting itchy for florals, bright colors, and for beautiful golden light like these images have.

rosencrown-photography-1 rosencrown-photography-2 rosencrown-photography-3 rosencrown-photography-4 rosencrown-photography-5 rosencrown-photography-6 rosencrown-photography-7 rosencrown-photography-8 rosencrown-photography-9 rosencrown-photography-10 rosencrown-photography-11 rosencrown-photography-12 rosencrown-photography-13 rosencrown-photography-14 rosencrown-photography-15 rosencrown-photography-16 rosencrown-photography-17 rosencrown-photography-18 rosencrown-photography-19 rosencrown-photography-20 rosencrown-photography-21

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