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Robyn Icks Photography

Robyn Icks
Robyn Icks Photography
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Photography is in my veins and has always been my number one passion.  It’s like pure and simple oxygen for me.  I love natural photography; natural light, natural poses, natural atmosphere.  I started my photography business seven years ago photographing weddings, families, children, seniors, and headshots.  But after having an overwhelmingly stressful busy year last year, I decided that I needed to make the leap to only specialize in what I loved shooting most:  two people in love.  I now primarily photograph weddings, engagements, and married couples.  To keep myself inspired and to keep photography fresh, a couple of times a year I just love doing stylized portrait sessions just for fun and to practice different techniques.  This particular portrait session features my gorgeous best friend, Amanda.  I’ve always thought she had this lovely vintage look and feel to her and so decided to stylize her with all of the vintage-y goodness I could find and we had such an inspiring and fantastic time.

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