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Rebecca Hellyer Photography

Rebecca Hellyer
Rebecca Hellyer Photography
Chicago, IL

This in-home lifestyle newborn session was an absolute dream.  Mom and dad were so fun and laid-back, the nursery was stunning, and baby boy slept like an angel the entire time.  This little man was probably one of my most expressive newborns, and I’m sure he’ll have mom and dad wrapped around his little finger with that pout!

Rebecca Hellyer is an Aussie expat who lives in the city of Chicago with her husband, one little boy, and two ridiculous dogs.  She specializes in capturing the love and laughter of Chicago-area families, children, babies, and couples.

RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-01 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-02 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-03 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-04 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-05 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-06 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-07 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-08 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-09 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-10 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-11 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-12 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-13 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-14 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-15 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-16 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-17 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-18 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-19 RebeccaHellyerPhotography-Newborn-21

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