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Rachel Photographs

Rachel Waters
Rachel Photographs
Oklahoma City, OK, and Worldwide

I’ve followed Kina on Twitter and Instagram for over a year now, always thinking, “Man, I’d love to photograph her.”  She has a look that draws you in – stunning, striking, unique.  I photograph weddings, primarily, and often crave to do a shoot for me – no expectations, no attachments – just to stay inspired.  I knew Kina had to be my model.  Whenever I finally asked her to model for me, she was so excited.  I planned out a simple, slightly stylized shoot just to showcase her beauty and personality.  I knew I wanted lots of natural light, a few unexpected elements (hello, smoke bombs!), and a lot of simplistic photos and poses.  One may notice that there aren’t any photos of Kina standing.  This is because Kina was paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident years ago and is confined to a wheelchair.  But that doesn’t keep her down.  She was laughing the whole day and is one of the sweetest and most gracious people I’ve ever met.  I wanted to showcase her personality through the photos, too.  Light, sweet, a little unexpected, and thoughtful.  Kina was an absolute dream to work with and I cannot wait to do it again in the future.

Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-4 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-5 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-7 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-9 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-10 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-11 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-12 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-13 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-14 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-15 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-16 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-17 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-19 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-22 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-23 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-24 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-25 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-26 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-27 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-28 Kina-LemonadeandLensesSubmission-RachelPhotographs-29

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