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P&W Photography

Phil & Whitney
P&W Photography
Valentine, NE

The Gunthers wanted to capture a typical afternoon as a family, and when they told us what their typical afternoon looked like, we couldn’t wait for their session. In Nebraska, the winter makes it difficult to spend time outdoors, so they make the most of it while the weather is nice. Hiking and picnics are a must for this family, and with daddy being a football coach here in town, family football games are just another way for the Gunthers to spend quality time together. This family adores each other and we were honored to be able to document their love.

P&W Photography are Phil & Whitney Mayhew, a husband/wife team located in North Central Nebraska, happily documenting the good life in Nebraska & throughout the Midwest. P&W Photography are natural light, lifestyle & documentary photographers who make it their goal to capture raw moments & emotions. Phil & Whitney are parents to an incredible, happy little girl with another on the way & two sweet Morkie pups. They dream of one day restoring an old, historic home & their love of antiques will one day lead to their television debut on A&E’s Hoarders.

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