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Pretty in Pics Photography

Jenn Martin Spangenberg
Pretty in Pics Photography
Chicago, IL

Married to the most handsome man in the world and with two adorable girls, I love to capture my world in black and white.  I love all things French, Mini Coopers, chocolate croissants, and french fries on my salads.  I have been known to offer lollipops to my girls for a few minutes in front of my camera, and when I want them to laugh, I tell them not to smile.  As a part-time photographer, I get the best of both worlds by spending time with my girls and getting paid to do what I love.

This session was especially meaningful because this little guy belongs to wonderful friends of ours.  We were going for simple and organic, to capture this sweet baby in this fleeting stage of his life, just as he is and just as he wants to be.

MartinSpangenberg_Jenn03 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn04 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn05 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn06 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn07 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn08 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn09 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn10 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn11 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn12 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn13 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn14 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn15 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn16 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn17 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn18 MartinSpangenberg_Jenn19

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