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Photography By Lydia

Lydia Campbell
Dayton, OH

I’ve known Alyssa pretty much my whole life. Her family moved into the “circle” (the neighborhood I grew up in) when she was not even two yet and I was around the age of four. We were playmates all through our childhood years. Summer for us kids (there were a lot of kids in our neighborhood) mean’t being outside ALL DAY playing in the circle. Riding our bikes, rollerblading, playing cops and robbers, walking down to Sunco (if we had money to buy candy), climbing Alyssa’s tree and seeing who climbed the highest, oh, and jelly beans of all kinds. And, yes, Barbies of course. ;) We would get all the neighborhood girls out and we would drag ALL of our Barbie things outside (including the Barbie houses) and create a neighborhood of Barbies (the good ole days, ya know). Alyssa was always bundles of fun, sweet, and caring. She was a couple years younger than me, but that never effected out friendship. We were the best kind of friends.

I started falling in love with photography very young. I started photographing people at 14 and then started doing weddings at 15. I didn’t do it for money or fame, I did it because I loved being able to photograph a moment in time and look back on it and recreate it all over again for myself and other people. I wanted to be able to help people remember all those small moments that make up the bigger moments.


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