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Penni Lauren Photography

Penni Gates
Penni Lauren Photography
Montgomery, AL

This beautiful, southern sunset wedding was a dream to photograph. The bride knew exactly what she wanted and helped with many DIY projects for her big day. The wedding was held at her aunt’s venue (a gorgeous antebellum home) and, fortunately for her, her cousin is also an event planner. She was responsible for the unique floral arrangements and reception details! As a photographer, I devote myself to capturing the pure beauty of the day, no matter what that is to the bride and groom. My husband and I shoot together and take the day with ease, making sure to give our sweet clients a stress free wedding day. We laugh with them, cry with them, whatever is needed! We want everyone to have fun while we do our job and capture the memories.

Venue: The Columns at Tangarray (bride’s aunt)
Florals: Cheyne Chase (bride’s cousin)

About Sierra: Sierra is a Southern gal who enjoys the moments, both big and small. She follows her heart wherever it takes her. Right now, Sierra is chasing her dream of becoming an elementary school teacher. She loves creating, whether it be writing, drawing, or crafting. The wedding was a true depiction of all she is and stands for!

About Jon: Jon is a man’s man in every sense of the world. He works hard and has respect for the people around him. Jon takes pride in his southern ways and never meets a stranger. He is pursing a career in Criminal Justice, but loves partaking in side jobs around the community. Jon enjoys cooking, hunting, and tending to the land on his family farm.

Them as a Couple: Jon and Sierra are the kind of couple who do everything together. Whether she’s watching him cut firewood or he is tagging along to the opera, they will always find a way to be together. Adventure is never far off when they are together. They love dancing and cooking together in their small country home.

Their Love Story: It’s always those small college towns that really bring people together. Jon and Sierra met one night while watching their favorite band play at the local hangout. It was an instant connection and they knew that fate had brought them together for a reason, After a couple of exciting years, Jon proposed on the sandy shores at sunset.

What’s Next: The two love birds plan on settling into their new home and starting their careers. With all the change and excitement, Jon and Sierra are ready to just focus on their new marriage and lives together. They plan on having a large family and staying close to their hometowns.

Do-It-Yourself: The wedding was truly a family and community effort. The floral arrangements and bouquets were put together by the bride’s cousin and aunt. The lighting and setup was created by the bride’s mother. The couple loved that they wedding was so community-oriented and had personal touches throughout. A fun touch was that the couple’s favorite Mexican restaurant in their hometown surprised the bride by bringing chips and queso for all of the guests!

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