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Pantel Photography

Monique Pantel
Pantel Photography
Clear Lake, Wasagaming, Manitoba

Whimsical Canoe Adventure Turns into Proposal!
Paige and Zach have been dating for a few years and they have a little one on the way (a.k.a. Paige is 8 months pregnant). Zach called me one day asking, “What if we disguised a maternity shoot and I surprise her by proposing?” A photo shoot proposal? Every girl’s dream. And that it was! Paige cried happy tears. It was such a tender, sweet photo shoot!

About Monique Pantel
Pantel is an international lifestyle photographer based in Winnipeg, Canada, specializing in love. She’s a second generation photographer. Growing up, she had a dark room in her basement and remembers pulling up an old wooden chair and watching her father take film and develop negatives into beautiful images. That feeling of creating beauty and story through photographs is at the heart of the images Pantel creates.

PantelPhotographyZachPaige-2 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-3 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-5 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-6 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-7 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-8 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-11 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-12 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-13 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-14 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-15 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-16 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-17 PantelPhotographyZachPaige-18

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