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Once Upon a Love Photography

Leslie M Bowen
Once Upon a Love Photography
Yuma, AZ

I’m Leslie and I own Once Upon a Love Photography in Yuma, Arizona. I love back lit shots and moody black and whites.

You know those friends on your Facebook that you went to high school with but with whom you rarely interact?  Well my friend Tosha was talking about the county fair and her kid’s animals. Tosha is the agriculture teacher and the FFA (Future Farmers Of America) adviser at one of the local high schools. I randomly commented on her status half joking that I wanted to photograph her in a field with some lambs. Mind you I haven’t seen Tosha in seven years, although when we met before the session it was like yesterday again. Anyways, the next thing you know we are in a field with Tosha wearing a vintage wedding dress, playing with some lambs. We had great fun and she was a natural in front of the camera! I hope you enjoy these images.

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