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Niña.Cecilia {creative spark}

Niña Williams & Cecilia Moyer
Niña.Cecilia {creative spark}
Peoria, IL {soon to be Dubuque, IA} and Blaine, MN

We are twin sisters that decided 3.5 years ago to start a photography business.  This has given us a chance to work together and put our minds into something we both love doing.  We were once an auditor and interior designer before we started our photography journey.  We have no regrets in the change of profession ;-)  We have photographed lots of weddings, and for 2013 we’re photographing 20 weddings.  With our growing families (Cecilia with 3 kids and Niña with 2 kids and 1 on the way in the beginning of May), we decided to cut back on the number of weddings and only book 5 for 2014.  It’s definitely a huge cut from 20 weddings, but you gotta do what you gotta do!  Weddings take up a lot of weekends which gives us mama guilt.

The couple in this engagement session is one of our 2013 bride and groom.  They were SO fun to photograph!  We love getting the romantic/serious poses during our sessions, but we also love getting the fun/natural smile ones too ;-)  Those are the ones that make me smile while editing their images.

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