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Nicole Bielenin | Baker, Florida

Nicole Bielenin
Nicole Bielenin Photography
Baker, Florida

Sometimes for families who have children with large age gaps, posing can be a challenge. Even though their children were 17, 10, and 1, I was able to pull natural posing from their overflowing, evident love for one another. An important piece of being a family photographer is the ability to pick up on each family members personality and their collective relationship dynamics, and translating that to an image. The brothers clearly adore each other and their parents so placing them in positions that allowed them to do so with their unique personalities was key in this session!

My goal with this family was to capture the details of their unique relationships. It can be easier to capture details of younger children (who are less concerned with personal space), so I was intentional to not only do that, but to capture details with the oldest as well: the way he puts his arm around mom, and piggybacks his youngest brother.

Altogether, this is a beautiful family who clearly loves one another! Capturing the love of families is always an honor, and this family was exceptionally so!

I’m a motherhood-centered family photographer in the beautiful Florida panhandle! I have a bright and airy style that embraces contrast. I’m always on the lookout to capture details that may have otherwise gone unnoticed but my clients will want to cherish forever… sandy little toes, baby rolls, and bouncing curls are some of my favorites!

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