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Natashia Nicole Photography

Natashia Nicole Laughnan
Natashia Nicole Photography
Weston, Wisconsin

These images are close to my heart. This is my daughter, the light of my life, and everything that is good in my world. As a photographer, you’d think I would have endless photos like these of her, but I don’t. I get so busy working for others, that I often don’t have time for personal projects. So we chose a special time, just the two of us, to go play dress up and create some wonderful memories together. We laughed, we rolled around in the grass, and I got some amazing quality time with my girl. It reminded me why I truly love what I do. I get to create memories that will be treasured forever; moments that will never be forgotten. But this time they were our memories, just hers and mine.

natashia-nicole-photography-1 natashia-nicole-photography-2 natashia-nicole-photography-3 natashia-nicole-photography-4 natashia-nicole-photography-5 natashia-nicole-photography-6 natashia-nicole-photography-7 natashia-nicole-photography-8 natashia-nicole-photography-9 natashia-nicole-photography-10 natashia-nicole-photography-11 natashia-nicole-photography-12 natashia-nicole-photography-13 natashia-nicole-photography-14 natashia-nicole-photography-15 natashia-nicole-photography-16 natashia-nicole-photography-17 natashia-nicole-photography-18 natashia-nicole-photography-19 natashia-nicole-photography-20 natashia-nicole-photography-21 natashia-nicole-photography-22 natashia-nicole-photography-23 natashia-nicole-photography-24 natashia-nicole-photography-25 natashia-nicole-photography-26 natashia-nicole-photography-27 natashia-nicole-photography-28 natashia-nicole-photography-29 natashia-nicole-photography-30 natashia-nicole-photography-31 natashia-nicole-photography-32


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