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Naisang Photography

Kelli Naisang
Naisang Photography
Greenville, SC

I am a natural light photographer that loves natural settings and back light. I enjoy interacting with my clients and getting to know their personalities. This adorable couple opted to have their session in the woods where the groom loves to go hunting.  He loves hunting and she loves all things girly. It was a beautiful, simple, sun filled, winter engagement session. There are not a lot of props, just real emotion and love. Their wedding is in June and it is going to be a beautiful, classy, vintage wedding.

IMG_0743 IMG_0786 IMG_0806 IMG_0825 IMG_0838 IMG_0876 IMG_0892 IMG_0921 IMG_1060 IMG_1078 IMG_1121 IMG_1142 IMG_1156 IMG_1173 IMG_1188 IMG_1220 IMG_1264 IMG_1288 IMG_1300 IMG_1328 IMG_1346 IMG_1358 IMG_1366 IMG_1374 IMG_1392 IMG_1400

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