We created our Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer all of your questions.  Please let us know if your question is not answered by emailing us.  We will then update the page with the answer, as well.

What is Lemonade and Lenses?

Lemonade and Lenses is a photographers magazine and blog community.  We offer daily inspirational blog posts, a monthly magazine, and, from time to time, giveaways and photography related events.  Feel free to join our Facebook page to join in on the fun.  Lemonade and Lenses is run by Lexi of Lexi Vornberg Photography and her husband, Craig.

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

You can view our Privacy Policy or our Terms of Use under the More Info tab above.

How can I contribute?

Yes!  All the information on contributing to our Magazine can be found HERE.  And all the info on contributing to our blog can be found HERE.

Where can I buy the digital magazine?

You can see all the issues we have available HERE.  All digital issues are $5.00 each.


Where can I buy the print edition?

You can see all of our issues HERE.  Each issue is available in print and digital.  All printed issues are $25.00 each except for December 2012, which is $20.00.

Is there a subscription to your magazine?

Yes. All the information on subscribing  can be found HERE.

When will the next issue be released?

Each issue is released on the 1st of the month, unless the 1st falls on a Sunday.  Then the issue is released on the 2nd of the month.

How do I enter the cover contest and what is the theme this month?

All the details of the cover contest, including dates and themes, can be found HERE.

I want to advertise with you!

We have so many advertising opportunities available for vendors, both big and small.  Feel free to get in touch with Craig for more information about advertising: hello@lemonadeandlenses.com.

My digital download is not working.

Please know all digital issues are automatically sent to your PayPal address after your payment goes through.  If paying with an e-check, this could take 2-3 business days.  If you are still having issues receiving your digital download please contact Craig: hello@lemonadeandlenses.com.

I bought the wrong issue, can I have a refund?

Due to the nature of our digital downloads, refunds are not available.  Please make sure you are purchasing the issue you want before you buy.

I bought a printed issue and have a question about it.

All of our printed issues must be purchased through MagCloud, our publisher, and since we have no hand in that you need to contact them directly with any questions.  You can do so HERE.  Otherwise, you may contact Craig at any time with questions or concerns: hello@lemonadeandlenses.com.

What are the upcoming themes for the L&L issues?

January – Maternity
February – Newborn
March – Business
April – Engagement
May – Wedding
June – Senior
July – Child
August – Boudoir
September – BusinessOctober – Styled
November – Family
December – Mix