We receive many inquiries from our beloved Lemonade and Lenses community each week, so we created this Frequently Asked Questions page to help address your most commonly asked questions! If your question isn’t answered below or if you need more information than what’s been provided, please feel free to email our team directly at the corresponding email below!

What is Lemonade and Lenses?

Lemonade and Lenses is an educational photography community of over 100,000 photographers! We are known for our educational, bi-monthly photography magazine, where we teach photographers (beginners and experts, alike) about photography, business, and branding.

In addition to our educational photography magazine, we also have an inspirational blog, bi-annual image competition, workshops, and are always interacting with our community on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! Come join our community, get inspired, grow your business, and share your struggles with us. We’d love for you to be a part of it!

Can I contribute to Lemonade and Lenses?

Absolutely! We are always looking for talented photographers to showcase in our magazine, on our inspirational blog, and even on Instagram!

If you are interested in contributing to Lemonade and Lenses magazine, please visit our magazine submission page for all the details.

If you are interested in contributing to our inspirational blog, please visit our blog submission page for all the details.

Don’t forget to hashtag #lemonadeandlenses on Instagram too! We actually find a lot of wonderful talent for our magazine and blog through the use of our hashtag.

Where can I buy Lemonade and Lenses magazine?

Lemonade and Lenses is currently available as a digital membership (discounted at just $8/bi-monthly) or as a single digital issue ($10/per issue) or as a single printed issue ($29+shipping). For a full list of our past and present publications, please visit our issues page.

What themes will you be publishing this year?

We have a wonderful lineup of themed issues for 2018, which you can find below:

Light (Jan/Feb)
Wanderlust (Mar/Apr — Releasing Soon!)
Self (May/Jun)
Color (Jul/Aug)
Composition (Sept/Oct)
Studio (Nov/Dec)

Can I subscribe to Lemonade and Lenses magazine?

Yes! In fact, we encourage it! Our Lemonade and Lenses membership is our most popular product. It comes at an always discounted rate of just $8 every other month. This ensures you will never miss an issue, and you can cancel whenever you want! Did we mention you also get a free back issue ($10 value) upon signing up? Everyone loves it!

Help! I exceeded my digital download limit.

To help prevent the illegal sharing of our digital products, we strictly enforce a download limit.

The magazine download link you are provided, whether it be via email or when you log into your account, is to download your hard copy (PDF) of Lemonade and Lenses onto your desktop, smartphone, tablet, or all three. Our anti-piracy system allows customers to download each issue of Lemonade and Lenses magazine up to three times, if needed. On the fourth click, the download link is disabled by our system. This happens for two reasons. First and foremost, many people mistakenly click their download link every time they want to “pick up and read” the new issue of Lemonade and Lenses magazine. This incorrect usage can put an incredible amount of strain on our server and can ultimately crash our entire database (website, blog, store, and subscription accounts). Secondly, we have (regrettably) caught many people freely sharing their digital download links on Facebook groups, photography forums, or with friends. Sharing is theft, and it has a very real, negative impact on our small business. To avoid both of these fiascos (crashed website and illegal file sharing), we must enforce a download limit. We know our customers love to read on their desktop, smartphone, tablet, or all three devices; therefore, we allow our customers to download their digital issue of Lemonade and Lenses (PDF) up to three different times, per issue. (The industry standard is 1-3 downloads per digital product.)

If you’re encountering a problem downloading your digital issue(s) of Lemonade and Lenses magazine or any of our other digital products, please email our team directly at info@lemonadeandlenses.com, and don’t forget to include your order number!

I accidently purchased the wrong digital issue. Can I have a refund?

We do not offer refunds on any of our digital products. Please make sure you are selecting the correct digital issue before you purchase.

I bought a printed issue and have a question about it.

All of our printed issues are purchased, handled, and fulfilled through MagCloud. MagCloud is a third-party company, completely separate from Lemonade and Lenses Collective LLC. Therefore, if you have questions or concerns regarding your print order, you will need to contact MagCloud directly to find a resolution.

I would love to partner with you. Do you have any advertising opportunities?

We have many advertising opportunities available for vendors, both big and small. Feel free to get in touch with Ryan to discuss how a partnership can best serve your business and our creative community!