Do you have a creative or beautiful sessions you would like to submit to Lemonade and Lenses to be featured on our blog?  If so please read through all the details below for information on how to submit.


What we are accepting

At this time Lemonade and Lenses is accepting all types of photography sessions.  This includes, but is not limited to, family, child, newborn, maternity, wedding, styled, pet, etc.  We consider all sessions as long as they are appropriate.  Also, please be sure to only send ONE submission at a time.

Lemonade and Lenses does not accept submissions that have been published on another photography blog or magazine in the PAST.  Please know once Lemonade and Lenses publishes your session, no other blog, other than your OWN, may feature it again.  If this does happen, your feature will be deleted and we will no longer accept work from you.

Please note we get hundreds of submissions from photographers all over the world, so please give us 2-4 weeks to get to your submission (we generally do one month’s worth of submissions at a time, hence the longer waiting period).  You will either receive an email back saying when your submission will be published or that we feel that that particular session wouldn’t be a good fit for our readers.

How to Submit

To submit a session please send an email to with the following information.

Your Full Name
Business Name
Facebook Page
Instagram Page
20-40 images from the session (please do not send in more than 40 or less than 15)
5-10 sentences about the session, you, and your business

Images must be low-res (72dpi) and MUST BE SIZED to a width of 900 PIXELS.  This is the same for vertical images and horizontal.  Images that are NOT sized correctly will be disregarded. Images are not allowed to have watermarks on them.  It is best if all images are sent over in a .ZIP file.  Please do not send over images via Dropbox or YouSendIt.  We do not accept submissions that way.  If your images are too LARGE to send over via email, please check your settings as they should not be too large if sized correctly. Please do not send multiple images in BOTH color and black and white, or similar images. Please pick the ones you think are best.  Also, please AVOID using BORDERS around your images, as this makes the images appear to be sized incorrectly.

Featured Button

Here is a featured button to use if you have been featured on our blog.  Please feel free to re-size to the specs you need.