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Monika Stachura Fotografia

Monika Stachura
Monika Stachura Fotografia
Warsaw, Poland

Every year I do holiday mini sessions. Since the weather is horrible this time of year in Poland, I organize it in studio and need to use studio lights, as natural light is definitely not enough. :( This year I was almost fully booked for mini session even before I posted  it on my blog. My regular clients were calling a few months before to check the date and make sure they had a spot. And as always I was trying to figure out how to make something new for them, so the pictures wouldn’t look the same every year.  I decided the theme would be holiday cooking this time.  All the kids were having fun with cookies and sugar and these two girls – Ula & Ola – were just amazing. Take a look…

holiday-session-monika-stachura-001 holiday-session-monika-stachura-002 holiday-session-monika-stachura-003 holiday-session-monika-stachura-004 holiday-session-monika-stachura-005 holiday-session-monika-stachura-006 holiday-session-monika-stachura-007 holiday-session-monika-stachura-008 holiday-session-monika-stachura-009 holiday-session-monika-stachura-010 holiday-session-monika-stachura-011 holiday-session-monika-stachura-012 holiday-session-monika-stachura-013 holiday-session-monika-stachura-014 holiday-session-monika-stachura-015 holiday-session-monika-stachura-016 holiday-session-monika-stachura-017 holiday-session-monika-stachura-018

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