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Monika Stachura Fotografia

Monika Stachura
Monika Stachura Fotografia
Warsaw, Poland

This was an amazing session. The baby wouldn’t sleep at all and the parents wanted the black background sleepy pictures on dads hands. Usually it is not a problem for me to create such images, but it was impossible with this little one. Instead, I took pictures I love the most – pictures that show loving parents and the amazing family. They are natural; no fancy posing, taken in my daylight studio.  When I presented the images to the clients, they were amazed. They told me that this is exactly the kind of images they dreamed of. They actually thought that since the baby wasn’t in a great mood,  they would end up with maybe eight good photos and they had problems choosing “just” 25, as they loved them all.

lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_001 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_002 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_003 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_004 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_005 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_006 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_007 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_008 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_009 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_010 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_011 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_012 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_013 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_014 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_015 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_016 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_017 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_018 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_019 lifestyle_newborn_session_monika_stachura_020

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