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Moments Captured by Kate

Kate Panza
Moments Captured by Kate
Fort Worth, TX

I started taking photography seriously in 2004, when my first daughter was born and all I did was take horrible pictures.  I was fascinated by her huge blue eyes, tiny toes, and every wrinkle and fat roll. :)  My obsession with her fueled my need to photograph her and to do it well.  I’d say after my second daughter was about three was when I had a decent handle on what made for a compelling and quality image.

We moved to TX in late 2011 and in the Fall of 2012 I decided to turn my passion into a full-time business.  As a business, I’m just getting started.  I’m a new “kid” in a new market, but I love what I do and am grateful that God has put the equipment in my hand and the vision in my heart to capture His creation.

This is my first bridal portrait session.  Her wedding had a vintage theme and she collects old luggage and books, so we incorporated that into her session.  My daughters call her my Snow White Bride…I hope you’ll see why. (it is a brand spankin’ new look, so I’m still in the process of moving over hundreds of images from the previous version)

MomentsCapturedbyKate2 MomentsCapturedbyKate3 MomentsCapturedbyKate6 MomentsCapturedbyKate12 MomentsCapturedbyKate16 MomentsCapturedbyKate17 MomentsCapturedbyKate18 MomentsCapturedbyKate20 MomentsCapturedbyKate21 MomentsCapturedbyKate22 MomentsCapturedbyKate25 MomentsCapturedbyKate27 MomentsCapturedbyKate28 MomentsCapturedbyKate30 MomentsCapturedbyKate31 MomentsCapturedbyKate32 MomentsCapturedbyKate39 MomentsCapturedbyKate40 MomentsCapturedbyKate41 MomentsCapturedbyKate44 MomentsCapturedbyKate45 MomentsCapturedbyKate48 MomentsCapturedbyKate49 MomentsCapturedbyKate50 MomentsCapturedbyKate51 MomentsCapturedbyKate52 MomentsCapturedbyKate53 MomentsCapturedbyKate55 MomentsCapturedbyKate56 MomentsCapturedbyKate58 MomentsCapturedbyKate59 MomentsCapturedbyKate62 MomentsCapturedbyKate66 MomentsCapturedbyKate67 MomentsCapturedbyKate69 MomentsCapturedbyKate70 MomentsCapturedbyKate74 MomentsCapturedbyKate76 MomentsCapturedbyKate80 MomentsCapturedbyKate82

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