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Miranda North Photography

Miranda North
Miranda North Photography
Los Angeles, CA

Miranda North Photography is a Los Angeles-based newborn photography studio specializing in newborn, baby, and pregnancy photography. I don’t really like to peg my photography with any sort of “style,” I always felt that is just restricting. I love lifestyle, but I also love the art of posed portraiture, so I find myself creating these images somewhere in between them both, creating a lovely balance that achieves a timeless, lovable, and unique set of images for my clients.

This couple had come to me with wanting to match the look of their newborn’s nursery that had a very “Restoration Hardware look.” So, I went ahead and pulled all my industrial decor-type colors and the results were just what they were looking for!

IMG_8766 IMG_8773 IMG_8775 IMG_8815 copy IMG_8863 IMG_8873 IMG_8880 IMG_8893 IMG_8901 IMG_8913 IMG_8924 IMG_8937

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