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Miranda L. Sober Photography

Miranda Sober
Miranda L. Sober Photography
Fort Collins, Colorado

Miranda L. Sober Photography is a Fort Collins, Colorado photographer specializing in natural light maternity, newborn, baby, children, and family lifestyle photography. I am a believer that everyone holds a story, and photographs are the greatest of storytellers.

This children’s session holds a special place in my heart. This little man, who goes by the name of Elias, refers to himself as an aviator. I refer to him as a hero. His wonderful mama shared with me all about their unique story, and how their lives have brought them where they are today. I can’t thank her enough for allowing me to share their story with you.

Elias was diagnosed with a rare childhood epileptic disorder, Doose Syndrome. Only about 1% of individuals suffering from epileptic disorders are diagnosed with Doose Syndrome. While the majority of little ones that suffer from this rare disease outgrow their seizures by ages five to seven, a minority of cases will continue to experience other types of seizures. These children are most often left with a myriad of other issues, including learning and developmental disabilities. This brave aviator has successfully been released of all of his medication. His strong and determined momma states, “Elias, with sword in hand and faith in his heart, has been seizure free for almost two years. We believe that he has been healed by God. There is no other explanation for what has happened.” I couldn’t agree more. Elias, you are our hero!


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