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Mirage+Light Photography

Amanda Holzhauer
Mirage+Light Photography
San Diego, CA

This shoot was a lot of fun to do. You can’t go wrong with 90s throwbacks, mimosas, guitars, and an adorable golden retriever. We shot this in her apartment in San Diego, California and that natural light was just dreamy all afternoon. Boudoir photography is a new favorite genre of mine and a nice break from the normal family and weddings that I typically do. It allows me to try new things and play around a little bit more. You really get to know clients in a way that most do not and it is so fun getting to make my clients feel beautiful and confident.

Holzhauer-1 Holzhauer-2 Holzhauer-3 Holzhauer-4 Holzhauer-5 Holzhauer-6 Holzhauer-7 Holzhauer-8 Holzhauer-9 Holzhauer-10 Holzhauer-11 Holzhauer-12 Holzhauer-13 Holzhauer-14 Holzhauer-15 Holzhauer-19 Holzhauer-20 Holzhauer-21 Holzhauer-22 Holzhauer-23

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