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Mindy Hiatt Photography

Mindy Stephenson
Mindy Hiatt Photography
Indianapolis, IN

In the big snow storm before the Polar Vortex, Anna and Mike were brave enough to venture out in the snow to make a few romantic portraits just months after their wedding.  The snow was so beautiful this day and it just happened to be the second largest snowfall in Indiana EVER!! I am glad we made it out and back early!

Everyone I photograph is going through a special and amazing time in their life from graduating HS, getting married, or even starting a family!  One of my favorite aspects of creating portraits is hearing about life through my clients prospective! I love capturing the wonderful look of ambition and attitude that is unique to each person. I want each person to have something wonderful to remember this exciting time of your life! I focus on natural poses, beautiful light and gorgeous smiles!
Instagram/Twitter: @mindyhiattphoto

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