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Meredith Sledge Photography

Meredith Sledge
Meredith Sledge Photography
Waynesboro, VA

I’m Meredith, a 19-year-old portrait and wedding photographer in Virginia. I’ve been shooting since I was 16 and over the past few years, photography has become such a passion of mine and has fulfilled that piece of me that always wanted to create something and give to people at the same time. I’m so excited to have a career that I love.

Taylor and Alex are a perfect example of why I adore getting up every morning! Taylor and Alex’s session was shot at the beautiful, historic mansion of Swannanoa in Afton, VA. Swannanoa was built by James Dooley, a millionaire and philanthropist, for his wife Sally Mae, in 1912. The structure, modeled after an Italianate villa, took eight years to build and was worked on by over 300 artisans. The property is now used for weddings and events, with tours happening every so often. When Taylor asked me if I had any neat locations in mind, Swannanoa was the first place that came to mind. Considering James and Sally Mae’s love story behind the palace, I knew it would be a perfect place for the couple’s morning engagement session. We had such a wonderful, sunny morning walking around the property, stopping at every corner to take photos. Taylor and Alex are such a precious couple and I’m so excited for their wedding next May!

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