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Memorable Jaunts

Karthika Gupta
Memorable Jaunts
Chicago, IL

I am Karthika, the face behind Memorable Jaunts. I am a wedding and portrait photographer, drawn and inspired by nature and the outdoors. The inspiration for this bridal portrait session was a beautiful garden in the early fall. The colors are still lush and green but as the leaves begin to change color, there is an extra vibrancy in the air. This lovely bridal session took place in a private garden in Naperville, Illinois. I have always been drawn to this beautiful garden space filled with handmade elements and I knew I wanted to incorporate them in some way. The gorgeous flowy bridal dress from A Joyful Occasion Bridal along with a simple but stunning fall-inspired bridal bouquet and centerpiece from Walden Floral Design Co. were just perfect. Additional elements like a hand-made garden table recycled from a pallet, an antique vintage mirror, antique candle stands, and simple gold jewelry enhanced this beautiful garden bridal session. Simple calligraphy elements in gold just brought everything together.

Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-001 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-002 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-004 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-005 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-006 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-007 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-008 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-009 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-010 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-011 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-013 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-014 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-015 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-016 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-017 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-018 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-019 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-020 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-021 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-022 Memorable_Jaunts_Styled_Garden_Bridal_Portraits-025

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