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Melissa Morrissey Photography

Melissa Morrissey
Melissa Morrissey Photography
Ottawa, ON, Canada

‘Slaying Dragons in the Fog’

So yesterday I woke up, looked out my window, and grinned. YES!!! My favorite thing in the world had descended over the neighborhood…FOG! Poor Gage. I grabbed him, threw on his clothes, ran some water through his hair, and yelled, ‘Find your sword, we’re going dragon slaying in the fog!’ Before he knew what hit him, we were driving down the street. Me in pajamas and him looking like a Gap model. But, nothing in the world makes me happier than moments like these.

Melissa Morrissey is an internationally published portrait artist and photography instructor. Expertly blending traditional style with emotional imagery. Providing a select number of clients each month with exceptional service and a luxury experience. From the first Design Consult to the creation of art worthy of your walls, you will take home handcrafted heirloom pieces that will mean the world to your family and last for generations.

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