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Melinda Snyder Photography

Melinda Snyder
Melinda Snyder Photography
Springfield, VA (business location)

This family session truly exudes all that my business embodies: a completely relaxed and FUN, yet professional session topped with the classiest and most “PREPTACULAR” attire! The Baggett family came to me through a referral and as soon as I started planning and styling with Nelle (a.k.a. “Supermomma”) I knew the outcome would be gorgeous. Our session took place at River Farm along the Potomac River in Alexandria, Virginia. All four boys were dressed adorably and they had matching personalities to boot! Nellie and her husband John are getting ready to relocate to another area for John’s Naval assignment and they wanted a session that they would highlight all of their fondest memories while living in Virginia. I am a natural light photographer who has a passion for creating images that make a statement. My work is classy in nature and from a fresh perspective. I loved everything about this session from John’s blazer, the boys’ bowties, little Teddy’s monogrammed romper, and of course Nellie’s beautiful tulle skirt paired with a chambray top. I was delighted to see that the older boys were so willing to take care of their baby brother while I dedicated some time to their parents. Top it all off with a beautiful setting and you just can’t go wrong!

MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-21 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-22 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-23 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-24 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-25 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-26 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-27 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-28 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-29 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-30 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-31 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-32 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-33 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-34 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-35 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-36 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-37 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-38 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-39 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-40 MelindaSnyderPhotography_Baggett2015-41

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