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Meghan Wiesman Photography

Meghan Wiesman
Meghan Wiesman Photography
Glendora, CA

I am a sun chaser living in Southern California. I had a vision of a girl in a field with a Mini Horse (her name is Star), a long flowing dress and florals. I love shooting during golden hour. Filtered back light is something I seek after. I wanted the light wrap around them, with just a touch of soft haze and compression of the 135mm f.2 lens. My vision came to life with Hailey, Parker and a mini horse named Star.

Vendor credits

Florals: Victoria’s Garden
Celi Castellon

WhimsicalHorse 001 WhimsicalHorse 002 WhimsicalHorse 003 WhimsicalHorse 004 WhimsicalHorse 005 WhimsicalHorse 006 WhimsicalHorse 007 WhimsicalHorse 008 WhimsicalHorse 009 WhimsicalHorse 010 WhimsicalHorse 011 WhimsicalHorse 012 WhimsicalHorse 013 WhimsicalHorse 014 WhimsicalHorse 015 WhimsicalHorse 016

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