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{meagan abell photography}

Meagan Abell
{meagan abell photography}
Richmond, VA

Hi there! My name is Meagan, a wedding and portrait photographer from Richmond, VA who loves capturing life’s moments as they happen.

George and Stephanie are wonderful friends of mine, and I not only was able to shoot their engagements, I also got to be part of the surprise proposal in May!! George is from Romania, and was actually born without arms, but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming an amazing singer/songwriter, who plays guitar with his FEET! These two actually met through music as well, and they wrote a song together called “Have My Heart,” which has become one of my all-time favorites!! These two are a dream to photograph, their love is so infectious and joyous!

Steph and George-4139Steph and George-4374Steph and George-4369Steph and George-4359Steph and George-4352Steph and George-4349Steph and George-4346Steph and George-4332Steph and George-4328Steph and George-4315Steph and George-4284Steph and George-4270Steph and George-4243Steph and George-4237Steph and George-4230Steph and George-4217Steph and George-4180Steph and George-4173Steph and George-4153Steph and George-4144

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