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Maureen Pacheco Photography

Maureen Pacheco
Maureen Pacheco Photography
Germantown, MD

My photography style is authentic and romantic, with a touch of organic, and is focused on genuine emotions and life’s most precious moments. I really feel that beauty is all around us, and I love finding it in the most unexpected places – especially in life’s little details.  I was so incredibly honored when Leslie asked me to photograph her wedding in none other than Cancun, Mexico. While down there we took advantage of doing a pre-wedding/engagement session down by the beautiful shore of the Riviera. As the sun set behind us, the sky and ocean around these two gave the most beautiful shade of warm color on their skin.  I adore sessions like these, because they are such a wonderful opportunity to capture some real moments in your life of just being yourselves and in love.  You know it’s a great day when you have clients who love pictures and who are willing to do anything to have them happen – and these two weren’t any exception!

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