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Mag & B Photography

Maggie Dowdy
Mag & B Photography
Bay Area/San Francisco, CA

We are a husband and wife photography team located in the Bay Area, but we are often asked to travel outside of our beautiful state!  This all started as a hobby but has led to a small family business and we have such a blast doing it!  This shoot was really special because we went to the desert of Palm Springs to shoot the first half and then took the tram to the top of the mountain to shoot the second half.  The climates could not of been more different!  We had the best time shooting this session and it will forever be one of our favorites!  We love to take pictures that really capture the personality of a couple and all of the moments in between, when they are truly in their element.  We have a very casual, laid back approach, and want our clients to really have fun during their shoot, just like in this one!

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