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Love Me Simply Photography

Lea Ciceraro
Love Me Simply Photography
North Carolina

I am the wife of an artist, mama to two boys, Childhood Apraxia of Speech advocate, rescue doggy parent, punk rock, vintage adoring, encaustic-infused photography obsessed, Vans wearing, film grain addicted, vegetarian, wanderluster, lover of life, yogini with a side of craft beer, unapologetically myself! I love fine art film photography and primarily use digital photography for weddings and family sessions. Childhood photography is probably my favorite when I’m not working with models and stylists.

This session was something I had been dreaming about in my head for months, as I always passed by this beautiful, abandoned homestead on those long drives trying to get my kiddos to take a nap. I knew of a glowing mama to one girl and two boys who was expecting another boy any day now. She wrangled her kiddos for a sunrise (!!) shoot to help me achieve my vision. It was soft and whimsical and full of story, and it suited their creative, DIY, outdoor-loving family perfectly.

LoveMeSimplyPhotography-1 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-2 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-3 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-4 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-5 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-6 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-7 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-8 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-9 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-10 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-11 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-12 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-13 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-14 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-15 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-16 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-17 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-18 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-19 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-20 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-21 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-22 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-23 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-24 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-25 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-26 LoveMeSimplyPhotography-29

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